Sunday, June 20, 2004


After making national headlines, the homosexual couple in Lexington, Kentucky who used produced quadruplets via a surrogate mother (and later a fifth child) have separated after charges of domestic violence:
The two Lexington gay men who made worldwide news by parenting quadruplets and then a fifth child have separated amid allegations of domestic violence that a judge dismissed, according to court records.

Lexington attorney Michael Meehan declined to comment yesterday on Fayette Circuit Family Court Judge Kim Bunnell's decision earlier this month to reject his petition for a domestic violence order against his former partner Thomas Dysarz.

Bunnell ruled on June 1 that there was "insufficient evidence" to issue a domestic violence order. Such an order would have put restrictions on Dysarz's interaction with Meehan. Court records show separate addresses for the men.

Meehan has custody of his biological children -- the quadruplets born to Meehan and surrogate mother Brooke Verity on July 26, 2002.

Dysarz, who has custody of his biological child, Brandon Lane Dysarz, born in January, declined to comment yesterday.

And I thought those kids might make it.

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