Tuesday, June 15, 2004


British historian Andrew Chugg says it's not Mark at all, but someone else of great significance:
The mummified remains buried beneath the altar of St Mark's Basilica in fact belong to Alexander the Great, according to Andrew Chugg, a respected authority on the Macedonian conqueror.

His theory, a complex tale of medieval body-snatching, is already dividing the academic world. This week he will cause outrage among devout Catholics when, writing in the latest edition ofHistory Today, he says the saintly relics should be exhumed and subjected to genetic testing.

Locating the body's resting place has been rated as the holy grail of archaeology.

As no observer of relics, let's exhume (respectfully) and see. (We have Alexander's father Philip already.) Quite frankly I'd think odds are better for Alexander than John Mark. And all just in time for the movie.

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