Friday, June 11, 2004


It's probably a shock to most theosebes readers, who find all the weblog they need right here, that there are other weblogs out there. I came across a new weblog, which has the good sense to link theosebes, called anastasis. Weblogger Chris seems to be mired in graduate education at a major Southern state university--a dicey proposition. He also seems to have Restorationist roots, and has a striking resemblance to David Lipscomb. It's one to keep an eye on.

From anastasis, I found The Scriptorium, by the Internet Monk. The iMonk is stationed, as fate would have it, at Oneida Baptist Institute, which is in the very same county (Clay) that your humble servant was raised. I have been on the OBI campus several times. From said iMonk, Michael Spencer, is a quote I can endorse completely:
I absolutely refuse to take anyone's theology more seriously than I take the text. Including my own. In the RCC discussion I am in on the forum, my RC friend has objected, naturally, to my citing Luther's words that popes have erred and councils have erred. WHICH ONES? She wants to know?

I'll tell you. All of them. Including Luther. And Calvin. And all who followed in their wake. They erred. But THE TEXT DOES NOT ERR. So may I be so bold as to suggest that clinging to the words of the text, and putting ALL theological labels and machinations UNDER THE TEXT is not an attempt at THIRD WAY. It is attempting Mere Christianity in practice. It is putting the Word of God and the Christ of the Word in the place where I can find them in my life, worship and work.

That is what we all must strive to do.

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