Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Brittney McComb tried to thank God in her valedictory address at Foothill High School (Gretchen Crehan, Principal) in the Las Vegas area. But apparently God isn't allowed at Foothill:
A local high school graduation ended with roars of protest after school officials turned the microphone off right in the middle of one of the valedictorian's speeches. The microphone cut out after the valedictorian at Foothill High made reference to God.

The family says the District's decision isn't fair. Brittney McComb says she's a straight A student, number one in her class, and is headed to Biola University in the fall.

Brittney attributes all of her success to God. Trouble is, she tried to explain that during her speech which the school district said they told her beforehand was a no-no.

"God's love is so great."

This was part of the speech that Brittney McComb says she so wanted to give on graduation night. But because it did have numerous references to God and Jesus Christ, the school district cut off the mic, leaving her practically silent. That's when many people stood up and booed, showing their support.

And those grand advocates of freedom of speech the ACLU say that pulling the plug on the mic was the right call.

With guardians of liberty like the ACLU and trainers of youth like Gretchen Crehan and Foothill High School we have every right to be worried.

Congratulations, Brittney McComb!

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