Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Even Madonna knows she should behave herself in front of Dad:
Madonna cleaned up her act for her dad.

The singer has been shocking audiences during her Confessions tour, repeatedly using the f-word, flipping her middle finger at the crowd, reaching inside her pants, and suggesting that people perform a lewd act on President Bush. At a recent show in Chicago, however, the naughty talk was all but absent, because Madonna’s father was in the audience.

“She gave the crowd the finger only one time and never once said the f-word,” says a source who attended that show as well as another one earlier. “At one point, she actually asked the audience to applaud extra loud for her so that her dad would know she made something of herself. The crowd went wild.”

Now, if she can understand her behavior isn't appropriate for her father then why can't she grasp it might not be appropriate for anyone. Papa don't preach, I guess.

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