Thursday, June 22, 2006


Jared Hess, he of 'Napoleon Dynamite' fame, is featured in the Washington Post. His new film, 'Nacho Libre', with Jack Black has a feature, or lack thereof, that it shares with the earlier 'Napoleon': There is no profanity.
Hess, a practicing Mormon, avoids the foul language that peppers so many mainstream movies, particularly comedies aimed at younger audiences. Like "Napoleon," "Nacho" is rated PG, and, though it contains cartoonish violence, not a single dirty word is uttered.

When asked whether any Hollywood players ever ask about his faith, Hess says: "Yeah, religion comes up all the time. It's totally cool. People have a lot of questions, and I think there are a lot of misconceptions [about Mormons] so I think it's been good. To a lot of people, I'm the only Mormon they know."

No profanity and yet he can succeed at being original, funny and commercially successful. Huh--how about that?

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