Thursday, June 08, 2006


Roy Moore failed--and badly--in his bid to unseat incumbent Gov. Bob Riley for Alabama's Republican nomination on Tuesday. Taylor Bright at the Huntsville Times discusses his possible religious overreach:
Moore and Supreme Court Associate Justice Tom Parker, Moore's former spokesman, lost by landslides in their races for governor and chief justice.

Moore received one-third of the vote in the Republican primary against Gov. Bob Riley. Parker received 39 percent of the vote against Riley's former director of finance, Chief Justice Drayton Nabers.

"I think they overreached," [William] Stewart said.

Stewart said the candidates also went up against well-funded opponents in their own party: "You can't go with a pop gun versus a shotgun."

While I supported Moore's stand against the Federal order to remove the Ten Commandment display (not the same, by the way, as supporting the display itself), Moore tends to come across as a bit, well, televangelisty. Riley is a seasoned politician, who is relatively (by GOP standards) conservative.

As the article states, and as anyone who has watched the Alabama political ads of late can attest, religion won't be leaving Alabama politics anytime soon.

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